Bova: Growth IQ at ONEIngram

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I spoke with Tiffani Bova, author of “Growth IQ” and a frequent speaker, about her new pub. She also shared insights from her keynote address before a group of IT partners and managed services providers (MSP) at Ingram ONE, the annual fall conference for Ingram Micro currently underway in the Washington DC area.

Bova shared in her keynote the following insights:

** 80% of businesses will hit a growth stall and only a small percentage will recover. Listen to Tiffani’s fire alarm/burning building analogy in my interview.  

** Only a small percentage of companies will grow larger than $5m in annual revenue…key is how much profit are your driving…

** Dan Pink book “WHEN” - time of day when you do things…decision sequences count

tiffany bova

The book is based on Bova’s career as an analyst and tech exec plus being a popular speaker at leading industry events. Catch in the interview where she lays out her travel schedule plus already exceeding 300k miles to date in 2018.

Watch my interview HERE

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