Speaker! Speaker! Does Karl speak French?

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I caught with with a busy Karl Palachuk across the border in Montreal, Quebec Canada at the SherWeb Accelerate18 conference in October 2018. Karl's message was very specific for managed service providers (MSP) about making money but running your business better. The speech "25 UNBREAKABLE RULES FOR RUNNING A SUCCESSFUL MANAGED SERVICES BUSINESS" (yes - Karl is shouting in UPPER CASE!) has the following conversation: 


karl speaker sherweb

Success doesn't just happen, you need to make it happen. Renowned speaker, author and one of the pioneers of Managed Services, Karl Palachuk provides an insightful strategy workshop on the most important principles for driving a profitable MSP. Sharing his experiences and best practices in delivering IT services, he reveals 25 unbreakable rules for success.

You can watch ths interview HERE