Day One: SherWeb Accelerate18 Launches

Analytics/ Analysis

Gotta hand it to SherWeb, a scrappy indirect CSP, from the Great White North in Canada. It’s sharing several initiatives in day one of its annual confab called Accelerate in Montreal this week. 

panorama view

Figure 1: A few hundred MSPs have convened in Montreal during the same week cannabis was made federal legal in Canada but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

A couple highlights.

  1. UCaaS - A Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) Voip/telephone solution that has a connector that integrates with 365/Skype and Teams.
  2. New SherWeb Office 365 Plan (adding value to existing Office 365 plans):
    1. OfficeProtect - Security: Includes Office Protect (full 30-days)
    2. Online Backup: 1GB of online backup
    3. QuickHelp: 45-days of elearning, quick help, etc.
  3. G-suite Reseller Program
  4. Connector
    1. Autotask
    2. ConnectWise
  5. Partner University – curriculum-based content for partners to learn more.
  6. Marketing Support. PartnerOn - leverage prepackaged marketing materials, select pre-packaging materials, make content on blog, Instagram, etc.
  7. SPIFF - investment increases in both offers and incentives. Especially in the UCaaS area.
  8. Internal Growth. Here’s one part I like a lot – SherWeb is reporting 40 percent year over year growth in headcount.

Business Speak

So here are some tips we can all benefit from in growing our MSP practices.

  • • Increase Subscription-based Revenues (e.g. if 10% today, shoot for 20% recurring = 3x to 6x more value)

                                ○ Shareholder value, stable and predictive cash-flow, rare opportunity

  • • Activate and Cross-Sell. Easiest money you’ll ever make is to nurture existing clients.
  • • The SMB Opportunity - number of SMB has doubled past 15-years. SMBs acknowledge they could spend more on technology…

Guest Speaker - Shane Gibson, Exponential Selling Strategies. 

I was impressed with this guru.

3 sales processes success indicators…non-tribes - small segment in niche.

  1. Quality and consistency of lead flow
  2. Quality and depth of conversations
  3. Quality and tenacity of follow-up


In the next several blogs, I’ll be cutting to the video format and interview several diverse conference participants.