Send Positive Thoughts: Michelle McBain

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We are community! Across the years, we’ve shared beers and tears. We’ve celebrated and supported each other on these trips around the sun. Now is one of those times. Recently community leader and Office Depot MSP program executive Michelle McBain  announced that she is having open heart surgery this coming week.

Michelle and her husband Jay (an analyst at Forrester) have been tireless supporters of the community. Michelle has been a strong advocate for women in technology and a cheerleader

in life having started the “Extra Extra: Good News” Facebook public group (with 1,759 members and growing) to promote positive storytelling in a drama filled world. That’s how Michelle rolls! (And who can forget their wedding a few years ago on July 4th where the whole darn SMB community was invited!).

 jay and michelle mcbain

Figure 1: I caught up with Michelle and Jay McBain in early MAy at the Ingram Cloud Summit in Boca Raton, FL. 

Michelle announced her pending open heart surgery this past week on Facebook with a video story. Since birth, Michelle has had a heart condition she’s been able to manage to date. However, in speaking with her husband Jay at the CompTIA ChannelCon event in Washington DC this past week, he shared that the time for Michelle’s surgical procedure had arrived. He confidently stated that this type of procedure has a 99%+ success rate so that was encouraging.

My community ask? However you support others whether prayer, thoughts or even vibes – send them now to the McBain family and we’ll look forward to seeing Michelle back ripping and roaring in the community this fall.

Thank you.