More Government – More Money! TaaS

Analytics/ Analysis

I recently surveyed our community and discovered something amazing! Over 40 percent of the IT community we speak with has either a relationship or interest in creating an opportunity with local/county/regional governments. Our large response rate to the survey made this statistically valid (read “not fake news”) and we were pleasantly surprised. Which brings us to the point of this blog. Pursuing more government accounts means more money for MSPs, partners, resellers and consultants. It’s good Azure-based recurring revenue work.


One of the biggest challenges in working with government in the past was the sales cycle. For those

of us who recognize selling into enterprise is a long journey, I can assure you the government sales cycle traditionally has a similar if not greater duration! In the past getting a foot in the door of a governmental entity could easily take a year or more with a combination of budget cycles, fiscal year start dates, political dimensions and more conspiring to lengthen your business development efforts.



Fast Track
There is a new way for MSPs et al to rapidly get a foot in the door. One of my community members, a successful ISV, recently reached out for advice on how he could rapidly ramp and scale his patented government security solutions. I’m happy to help and the good news is that you can too. In general a simple short consulting effort can lead to an “Affordable, Saleable Azure delivered and supported” 50% margin reoccurring Trust as a Service (TaaS) sale.

Here is how it works. Esignit is already in market with a portfolio of government security solutions. This is not a startup with closure risk (and embarrassment to you, the MSP et al). Ranging from the City of San Francisco to several counties in Washington State, Esignit bring the cred factor: referenceable clients.

More specific to you (the MSP et al), you will use the Esignit tools as a foot-in-the-door “door opener” to penetrate the Government veil and secure great recurring predictable new business. And if you already serve governments, this is merely a chance to expand your scope, scale and reach.
What’s the secret sauce? For many of the Esignit solution, there is no cost to the governmental entity. This results in a rapid sales cycle and high conversion rate by legally bypassing procurement procedures.

Learn more
As an MSP et al, I’d encourage you to click HERE and fill out the form to learn more. In future blogs, I’ll explore each product including the patented 256-bit encryption algorithm that is the foundation for the product portfolios success.