Harryb’s 20th Book? (Sorta) on CompTIA Network+ Exam

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With great pleasure, I’m pleased to announce the latest offering from Chip Reaves at Bigger Brains. It was an honor to team with Reaves and Wilson on this effort to produce a “Video Book”( off-the-shelf eLearning content) on the CompTIA Network+ Exam. The new course includes 62 video training modules and over 9 hours of total content. "We wanted to not only cover the exam objectives for people who want to get Network+ certified, but also use real-world examples of how IT consultants and technicians can use these skills in practical situations," said Reaves. The new course is available from top IT service firms who subscribe to Bigger Brains' "BiggerMSP" training portal program at BiggerMSP.com. It's also available individually through OpenSesame.com and other online training marketplaces.

CompTIA Network Exam

Speaking for myself – I see the release of the CompTIA Network+ Exam eLearning course as a tool to start-up if you are interested in becoming a IT Pro or MSP. For old timers, it’s a chance to be the life learner and revisit the principles that made you successful. I’ve been known to reread past technical books annually to refresh my brain matter. It makes for a bigger brian LOL!

For more information visit www.GetBiggerBrains.com.