SMB Community Eligible to Participate in Landmark $7B Class-Action Settlement

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Class ActionThroughout this year, we have been reporting and blogging on our partnership with Class Action Capital, which has signed on to assist the

SMB community on offering guidelines, tips and information on a landmark $7-billion-plus class action settlement against credit card companies Visa and MasterCard.If you remember, this past spring and summer, we chatted with Robert Danese, CEO, Innovative Channel Network Group (ICN), who discussed the lawsuit, which alleges that inflated interchange fees were attributable to merchants that accepted Visa or MasterCard credit or debit cards between January, 2004 and November, 2012, and Visa’s and MasterCard’s rules for merchants that accept their cards.
In addition, last month, we were told by Class Action Capital, that SMB Nation is currently in the lead as the #1 referral partner for this program.

We want to again remind our SMB community that if you think you may be eligible to participate in this lawsuit, simply just click here to get started, and to begin the recovery process.

For additional information, and for the complete back story on this lawsuit, you can go to a blog we posted this past spring, which features our conversation with Danese of ICN.