Robin Robins Launches Video Series on how MSPs Can Gain Additional, Quality Clients

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Robin RobinsLate last week we heard from our friend Robin Robins, founder of the Technology Marketing Toolkit, who informed us that she has developed

(and is now offering) a new video seminar series to show you how to get more high-quality clients to outsource their IT support to you, without discounting or hard-selling. But Robins warns that you must not hesitate as this new content (geared toward) companies selling outsourced IT support services) will only be available for a limited time.Click here to gain instant access to this first video in which Robin reveals the real secret to getting not only more clients, but better quality clients who will easily follow your advice and won’t beat you up on price. Additional videos in the series include tips such as the single-most important component to attracting more high-quality clients that most IT services firms just don't know or completely overlook, and also how to get prospects to truly see you as a trusted, welcomed advisor versus "just another" sales guy that should be screened, blocked, ignored and lied to.

For more information on the videos and the Technology Marketing Toolkit, click here.