Innovation Drive: ComputerHMO

Analytics/ Analysis

Harry JayIt was both an honor and a privilege to assist prominent SMB IT Pro Jay Weiss in launching his retail division for

target="_blank" href="">ComputerHMO in Pasadena late last week. The concept is simple. Using a medical metaphor, Jay has brought health care protection to IT assets. At its core – it’s a flat fee for monthly support. To date, Weiss and team have been focused on the senior citizen market. What’s interesting is that’s a segment that can use support services the most. In talking with Weiss, it became apparent he has two customers in the senior citizen segment: the seniors, and their offspring. Why? Because, speaking for myself, I’m delighted to pay ComputerHMO to support my mom in her retirement community, freeing myself from something I’m really not very good at.Takin’ it to the streets!
Last Thursday afternoon, Weiss and I paraded around a street corner in Pasadena to launch ComputerHMO’s retail division. Drawing a page out of the guerrilla marketing playbook, we positioned ourselves the computer recycling site and instantly had amazing conversations. One individual with special needs engaged ComputerHMO on the spot to assist in configuring his PC. Weiss and team were planning to return Saturday during the actual recycling event. His thinking is simple: Those giving away a PC likely have a new PC that can benefit from the health care support options offered by ComputerHMO.

What I liked about the experience was how real world it was. One colleague in the SMB IT Pro community has an e-mail signature about “ideas are a dime a dozen but execution is priceless.” True that. We’re not drawing circles and arrows on in that pic folks – we’re doing real work!