URGENT: Renew Microsoft Action Pack TODAY (June 30th)

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Heads Up!

If you are a Microsoft partner at the "Network" level then it's highly likely, especially in the U.S., that you must renew your Microsoft Action Pack subscription by the end of today, June 30th for your Office 365 and Azure instances to continue working, etc. It's also possible you will need to also renew your overall Microsoft Partner Network membership as well - that will likely vary on a case-by-case basis. I'm aware of Danny in Toronto, ON Canada who can't renew until tomorrow, July 1st. 

If you are not aware, Microsoft Action Pack is the best deal ever! It's access to much of the Microsoft software library and online services for partners to eat their own dog food - use Microsot products so you can then support customers. In the case of SMB Nation, we typically use the Windows 10 operating system, extra applications like Visio and Project plus our five licenses to Office 365 and some Azure credits. 


I have good news. Below are some codes you can type in the lower your costs for either ordering or renewing Action Pack. The baseline price is $475 per year (or just under $40 per month). But applying the discount coupon codes allows you to save $285 (in my case). This resulted in a total cost, before tax, of $190 (or $15.83 per month). Seriously? Think about the money you blow on your mobile phone service and cable TV/Internet to put the amazing Action Pack value proposition in perspective! 


So the codes are: 


And the journey to update your partner details and renew Action Pack starts at partner.microsoft.com. The codes are entered on one of the final screens ("Payment") at the bottom below the invoice calculations. Look for the field to apply a coupon. 

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