Develop Your Hybrid IT “Hedge Strategy”

Geek Speak

XI Icons BSHHSOur apologies in advance for interjecting a “sophisticated investor” conversation into the SMB IT Pro community. However, those of us serving small businesses

on Main Street can learn something from Wall Street. It’s true, as you will discover.

The stock markets are currently reaching all-time highs. The smartest of the smart have diversified well-balanced portfolios to earn money and protect against risk. You should do the same with your SMB IT service offerings. Why? Simply because babysitting servers, which is a noble craft, brings forth increasing risk to your livelihood with new emerging technologies such as online (not on-premises) CRM solutions like Salesforce. By offering more services as a complete “one throat to choke” portfolio, you actually provide better client service while protecting your paycheck.

For example, what if your client wants to test Unified Communications (UC) as part of a branch office solution? If you’ve limited your expertise to the “server-side” you could be missing out on a professional and profit opportunity.

Where to start? Okay you now have the wisdom to learn more about creating a set of SMB IT “hybrid” offerings! The first step is to sign-up immediately for the 11th Annual SMB Nation Fall Conference (October 10-12, 2013) here where there is an entire track dedicated to “Hybrid Hedge Strategies” (HHS) along with XP migrations and other topics.

Expert content lectures on the HHS track are:

· How to sell against the cloud.

· Hybrid Roadmap.

· Add More Stuff Here!

· Don’t Get Lost in the Clouds. IT is what IT is!

· Strategies for On-Premises and Cloud Solutions-Hybrid IT.